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Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard


Today I got this new keyboard from a local computer store here in Italy (Mediaworld).

You can find the page for the product here.

I had necessity to write long texts both with my iPad and my Android Phone while on the go, so after a few days of intense online research I found this great keyboard and decided to buy one.

To tell the truth I’m not new to using keyboards on iPad/iPhones, but all my former experencies were terrible due to the size of the used keyboards (which limits portability), or poor assembly and key feedback.

But portability and feedback are exactly the strenghts of Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard: if folded it fits in the back pocket of my jeans, and keys feedback is fantastic.

It has a magnetic clip so when closed it never opens and the same mechanism works also as a on/off switch so you don’t have to manually remember to switch on/off the keyboard. But if you lay it on the table, after a small ammount of time it automatically switches off.

You can pair the keayboard with a maximum of two devices, and switching from one device to the other is fast and takes just a couple of seconds using two dedicated keys.

In the first row you have custom keys for device swithing, volume, multimedia playback, search, lock/unlock the device and also for switching the layout depending on the operating system you are using.

I found only two real cons: first, keys are too close one to the other and second the minus key is at the right of the point, so when you think to type a point you type a minus.

Fortunately boths drawbacks are easy to manage and tend to disappear once you get use to the keyboard.

So, the final verdict is 8/10 for me!